A lot of the time people hesitate on what to buy, and when they do buy items of furniture, there are times things don't go well together. This is where I come in, taking that pressure off of you and working with you so that you get the beautiful home you are looking for. Imagine having a house that feels luxurious, inviting and best of all, relaxing to be in.


I mainly do a contemporary style, but can do any style you are after.

Sometimes clients want a concept for a room within 1 week, which I can definitely do. 

Our promise: Providing elegant, luxurious, contemporary, modern, timeless, and unique captivating designs for your home.

Our belief: Beauty is elegance and simplicity. We believe that every elegant design has a story, reflecting your unique personality and can only be told by you. Our customers love Forward Fold’s luxurious designs that provide them with unique timeless living spaces, and helps them feel good inside.

You can also decorate your space with our Artwork that is definitely a unique piece of craftsmanship. Paper artwork is a unique type of art in the market, rest assured that it will captivate the eyes of your visitors.


Interior Design Services Included:

- concept images of furniture, lighting and accessories. I will make it clear where each item will go


- 2d cad plan with furniture layout


- spreadsheet which highlights the cost of each furniture piece.

- 3d visual to see exactly what the space will look like.

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